Dear Church Family,

The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church has issued updated guidelines for worship as the CDC guidelines have changed. In keeping everyone as safe as possible, mask wearing will be optional during worship for those who have been fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated is defined as being two weeks after the last dose of the vaccine. If you are not fully vaccinated, regardless of the reason, (or if you simply want to play it extra safe), please wear your mask inside during worship. Nako and I will be wearing our masks as well. We ask everyone to practice loving kindness with your neighbor, regardless of whether or not your neighbor agrees with you, or not. We will continue to maintain a social distance of six feet in between different households. We will continue to sit every other pew. For all of us, vaccinated, or not, we will continue to wear masks while singing as a congregation, as singing is still the best way to transmit COVID. We have all read stories of people who have been vaccinated, and still got COVID, or have been vaccinated, and still passed COVID on to a loved one. While the incidents are rare, one person being harmed in our congregation is one too many. We feel that masking while singing is a small price to pay to ruthlessly eliminate as many chances as possible to accidently spread more than “the love of Christ.” Remember: Jesus trusted in God all the way to the Resurrection (faith), but He did not throw himself off of the Temple to test God when encouraged to do so by the enemy (He used his noggin). We have practiced, and will continue to practice faith in God, and common sense. This church has done a good job since September of last year in balancing the two, and we will continue to go through this season together in this fashion.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Edward and Pastor Nako