Music, Movement, and Visual Arts have always been used to worship the Lord.


David danced before the Lord with “all his might” – II Sam. 6:14

The Singers preceded the army into battle (Praising the Beauty of holiness), and the Lord caused the destruction of the tribes who had come to destroy the tribe of Judah. – II Chronicles 20:20-24

There are so many scriptures that tell of Instruments being used to worship the MostHigh God (Ps. 150). 

When Solomon’s Temple was built, only the finest artists were used to decorate this mighty “House of the Lord”.

Here at Tarpon Methodist Church, we seek to follow the biblical directive to “Sing unto the Lord a New Song” (Psalm 96:1)….but not forget the great songs of each generation.

Due to COVID19 we will regroup in the new year.

Come, join us – we will Worship the Lord – together at 7 PM in the Music Room



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